The trans-diagnostic current in pathological psychology alternative to nosography classifications and therapeutic prospects-Towards a contextual functional view of mental disorders

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Naima Ait Guenissaid, Hanane Guehiri


Parallel to the emergence of the third wave of cognitive behavioral therapies, a new trend emerged in the field of interpretation and diagnosis of mental disorders calling for the need to stop conceiving suffering and psychological difficulties as symptoms of the disease, and therefore must move away from categorical diagnoses of the type of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

The stream of transitory diagnosis, or as it is called the psychological contexts model in psychopathology, takes into account the formulation of the individual psychological interpretation, so it is a matter of examining the different types of psychological contexts (cognitive, emotional, motivational, relational and identity) and trying to integrate them into a coherent interpretation, which also leads To determine as much as possible the biological role and social and situational factors. Such a person-centered approach makes it possible to approach the dynamics of rational psychological functioning in all its complexity and in its unique expression.

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