The effect of high-intensity interval training on the strength of speed and the performance of the shooting skill from the advancement of handball

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Laidani Hakim, Saidi Amine


    This study aims to show the Interval Training on muscular strength and shooting skills to upgrade the sport of Handball, and that is to rely on an experimental study where the researcher chose the “collective group” method, which was conducted on a sample of 17 players from the Sports’ Associa ion of the municipality of El-Kaderia which competes in the Bouira Handball State League. And after practicing the Plyometric Training exercises and collecting the before and after data for the explosive power and briskness of the legs and overhead shooting, the researcher analyzed this data statistically using arithmetic means, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, and T-test using two correlated samples, then it was concluded that Interval Training develops the briskness of  legs and arms and therefore enhances overhead shooting skills, and because of that, it is recommended to urge coaches to use the Interval Training method due to its importance in developing the physical and technical aspects, and refraining from the traditional methods used currently in training, and insuring the necessity to correlate between some physical and also kinetic skills and the performance of different techniques in Handball, and to include the aforementioned methods due to their importance in multiple techniques.

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