Curriculum plans and their impact on developing competencies and achieving educational quality. An applied study on the teaching of Islamic education for the first stage primary students

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Dr. Maidi Abderrahmane, Dr. Ounnassa Hamdi


        This study aims to read about the reality of the methods of teaching Islamic education to the students of the first stage of primary school, in a reading of the curricula and contents and what is required for teaching the material for this course, starting from the teaching methodology to the extent to which goals and competencies are achieved and what is required for that in the horizons by linking it to the Islamic sciences curricula that do not Nobody doubts the existence of a positive effect in enhancing educational competencies and improving the quality of education, especially in the same subject; And in an attempt to strengthen the shortcomings and address the educational problems faced by the learner and the teacher in the primary school in Algeria, especially for non-specialists in Islamic sciences who are entrusted with the subject of Islamic education during the phases of primary education, or who are not studying it in the first place, who do not fully understand the philosophy of the subject, its objectives and teaching curricula. Its various contents as disciplines within an existing field and has its own fields and curricula.

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