The poetics of the contemporary Algerian poem and the stakes of renewal - the poems of AZZEDIN Mihoubi as a model -

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Phd. Boukabous Rima, Dr. Bourahla MAlika, Dr.Bouzid Mouloud


        The experience of the poet "Azzedine Mihoubi" is the subject of our study, in which we dealt with: "Poetry and Poetry - Term and Concept", the contemporary Algerian poem and the performance structure, intersection or continuity?, the poetic rhythm in the contemporary Algerian poem, the intersection of symbol and myth in the contemporary Algerian poem, poetics and horizons The content renewal in the contemporary Algerian poem, and the study led to the fact that the rhythm is consistent with the psychological states of the poet, where calm prevailed over emotional topics and whispered voices abounded in them, while the themes of enthusiasm were dominated by voiced voices to fit with the strong and noisy impact, as well as fertile and rich connotations for the dictionary. Linguistically, through the diversity of contents, the Algerian poem achieved rare poetry, as it represented the pinnacle of artistic maturity, as it provided aesthetic and expressive value through its rhythmic structure, the ability of the poet to renew in meter and rhyme, and diversify in the forms of the poem, in addition to the internal rhythm created by the repetition of sounds and vocabulary. And dense poetic structures and images, in addition to the adoption of emotional and political themes by Algerian poets. 

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