The openness of the historical approach to the levels of Quranic knowledge_ Any addition? _

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Billel Boussena


The study presents another unusual proposal, according to our estimation, on the issue of the historical method and the issue of its development in the human fields. The development of the latter depends on the development of the researcher’s cognitive level, and since the Holy Qur’an is a comprehensive divine book, it deals with human cognitive levels, starting with the sensory level, then the mental level, up to the heart level, the latter being absent in human studies due to Western biases that recognize the sensory level and deny everything that is unseen. Or my God, and this is what made us think, as much as possible, to return the research methodology in general, the historical method in particular, to the Holy Qur’an, and to think about developing it to a level that makes it more effective than it was

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