The Bergsonian Personality Between the Metaphysics of the Self and the Psychology of Speech

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Dr. Mostefai Abdelkader


     This article presents a thorough analysis and concise description of the personality of Henri Louis Bergson, the veteran French philosopher who introduced a unique philosophy that is neither Kantian nor Cartesian but, in general, constructs a new concept of metaphysical realism that transcends extreme materialistic scientific perspectives. The core of Bergsonian personality revolves around the notion of pure duration, based on the profound sense of intuition. Its focal point is the human being who possesses the essence of vital freedom. Bergson, for those unfamiliar with his complete works, sought to comprehend existence through the spontaneity of spiritual experience inseparable from the struggles and realities of life. His books and writings, characterized by an encyclopedic tendency, represent a blend of evolutionary metaphysics, functionalistic esthetics, psycho-sociological perspectives, and mystical insights in his final days

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