Educational strategies for caring for students with learning difficulties

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Zougaie Mounia, Chali khayra, Bahmed oussama


Facing the challenges in the educational system and education and delving into the midst of the Algerian school must delve into its problems and distinguish them. Among these problems are learning difficulties, both of which are circulating among some students, and the resulting problems that affect in one way or another, first the student himself, then the teacher, as well as the school and the future of society.  Therefore, plans and studies must be developed on this phenomenon, which has been circulating among students, due to several reasons. Therefore, the concerned bodies must take the necessary measures to protect students from this phenomenon, through well-studied procedures and laws based on purposeful scientific educational foundations, including the attempt to integrate Education for pupils with learning difficulties in regular departments after they were subjected to educational strategies. Accordingly, we will try in this research paper to clarify educational teaching strategies for the care of people with learning difficulties

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