Manuscript "Ahdá al-Muhdī fi Takhmīs Lāmīyat Ibn al-Wardī" by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Maghribī (d. 1019 AH) -Introduction and Investigation

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Abdelghani nasri , abdelhak khelifi


This is a manuscript investigation: "Ahdá al-Muhdī fi Takhmīs Lāmīyat Ibn al-Wardī" to Sheikh Yusuf al-Maghribi who died in 1019 AH, who made a Takhmis of the famous poem in the poetry of wisdom and asceticism composed by Sheikh Abu Hafs Omar Ibn al-Wardi, who died in 749 AH, and he added to it a conclusion by praying for the Prophet- Peace be upon him- and his honorable companions. and the most important benefit that came out of this research is to take this work out of the world of manuscript to printed.

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