The Paradox phenomenon genealogy

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Abdelhadi Djameleddin, Abed bensahnoun


The study intends to delve into the roots of the phenomenon of paradox genetically, as it has become a matter of serious interest in the propositions of all sciences and intellectual currents. It occupies a pivotal position in the modern theorization of everything. Where more than one discipline devotes itself it, and more than one school deals with it, on top of which are the philosophical schools and the various contemporary literary schools. The limit of confusion, difference, discrepancy, and contradiction, or the limit of conflict and conflict between peoples whose sects and sects are diverse, which is to make finding a specific and accurate definition of it close to impossible. Due to its long forked history; It is like an entity whose parts were torn apart in the horizons without agreement, and it was distributed among scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, linguists, and others who dealt with it, each with its own specialization. And they developed it so that it has meaning and intent in every context in which it appears, and this is what made it vary according to the space and the level in which it is located. In order to reach this, we will adopt a conceptual, inductive, statistical and analytical approach, in order to finally clarify the roots and extensions of this phenomenon

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