Al-Badiaa from verbal embellishment to persuasiveness- Al-Bashir Al ibrahimi as a model -

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In ancient Arabic rhetoric, badiaa relates to the external formulation of discourse, and has nothing to do with its Persuasive methods, and with the advent of the new rhetoric, this view changed and became known as basic pragmatic functions within the text, In order to know these functions, in this research we will study some of the articles of Al-Bashir Al-Ibrahimi in order to reach what the modern Argumentation

theory discovered in the fact that Al-Badiaa is an effective argumentative tool that cannot be confined to a narrow corner, and we chose Al-Ibrahimi’s articles because he lived in the time of colonialism, which he spent his life calling for to fight it, so was the purpose of Al-Badiaa has only verbal embellishment, or does he have persuasive reasons?

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