Aesthetics of the formation The Poetic Image at the Lakhder Fellous: An Applied study

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Ahmed Bessaoud


     The poetic image is considered a means of artistic expression, and something constant in all poems and trends, through which meanings are represented in a new and innovative way, and it is mainly related to the imagination, which is the natural entrance to it; Therefore, the poetic image is the poet's means to show his imaginary faculty, and to formulate his poetic and poetic experiences, to indicate in a constructive dialogue with his worker to direct me, not to convey it in his completed images; Rather, it is to reformulate it according to his inner world.

 From this given, I will study the patterns of the poetic image of the green poet Floss through his collection (I love you .. not a final confession), indicating its types and how it was formulated, and how it contributed to the formation of his poetic and poetic experiences.?

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