Humanising Imprisonment Conditions and Their Reflections on the Reality of Prisons in Algeria

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Dr. Mehdaoui Mohammed Salah, Dr. Nedjet Zaazoua


The rights of prisoners constitute one of the most critical issues that have garnered substantial attention from the international community, especially in light of the evolution of punitive ideologies and contemporary penal policies. This has led to the formulation of numerous conventions and international agreements that have recognised and acknowledged the entitlement of prisoners to a variety of rights. These agreements have significantly impacted the conditions experienced by prisoners in Algerian prisons. Consequently, this study aims to shed light on the topic of humanizing imprisonment conditions and upholding prisoners' human dignity. This is considered not only a fundamental right but also a guiding principle that underpins modern penal policies. The study further explores the implications of these principles for the current state of prisons in Algeria

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