The Pre-Islamic Poem in the View of German Orientalism

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Oussama mehemli


There is no doubt that the studies of the German orientalists of the pre-Islamic poem worked on some critical Arab studies on the structure of pre-Islamic poetry on an important issue based on the problem of the composition of poems; What is meant by this was whether the themes of the single poem were consistent and interrelated with each other with a coherent objective unity, or were they disjointed and independent of each other? From here, some German orientalists saw in their studies of pre-Islamic poetry that the Arabic poem lacks an internal structure, and according to this proposition we wanted to clarify the positions of each Orientalists from them, as we can see its validity from its error after the statement of the psychological reference represented in the curricula of their studies of Arab heritage in general and of literature in particular, as we discern the position of Arab criticism regarding their studies of the substantive unity in the pre-Islamic poem

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