Exploring the Psychometric Properties of the Algerian Version of Grober & Buschk Test

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Dr. Hind Ghedhaifi


Accurate psychological assessment and diagnosis rely on several facilitating factors, including the availability of tools that assist clinical psychologists, particularly in establishing accurate diagnoses for the disorders they encounter. Consequently, these tools help in finding appropriate solutions and ultimately achieving comfort and mental health for the individual in question. One important tool among these is psychological testing. In our study, we have constructed and standardized the Grober et Buschke test for the Algerian community, with the aim of examining its psychometric properties, such as validity and reliability, as well as its ability to measure the intended constructs. Thus, providing a tool that aids physicians and psychological professionals in facilitating the diagnostic process, especially in memory-related disorders. It is important to adapt tests to the Arab environment to enable professionals to use them with ease. Furthermore, it is necessary to apply the adapted test to a sample of patients to accurately demonstrate its significance.

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