Applications of the Linguistic Textbook to Modern Arabic Literary Discourse - An Analytical and Descriptive Study

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Djelikhi Belkacem


We decided to select a specific blog for our research from Algerian literary heritage and conduct a modern study using the analytical approach. Through this, we aim to demonstrate the coherence and textual interconnection that characterize Algerian literature. This blog is represented by the texts of Mohamed Bashir El-Ibrahimi in his book "Al-Athar" (The Traces). We specifically chose this blog because it represents an Algerian heritage left to us by Mohamed Bashir El-Ibrahimi. Furthermore, it contains linguistic secrets and intellectual treasures, especially in the realm of language. The choice of textual analysis is based on its alignment with the study of literary texts. This study attempts to approach the texts in the light of textual linguistics, by revealing the mechanisms that have been applied to them and investigating the methods that contributed to their construction. We have reached a number of conclusions where the textual nature of Algerian literary texts is achieved through the interaction with other texts and their alignment with similar texts. The contextualization also played a significant role in establishing a solid entity for the construction of the blog. It has played an important role in achieving coherence and a strong interconnection within the text

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