The status of the horse in the algerian social psyche

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Dr. Moussa Ismail Chamakhi


       My study came to answer a group of questions related to horses and algerian societal values, since the relationship is rooted in the history of between them, The horse became purebred thanks to the skilled rider, taking horsemanship٫ Where they were together as a cultural duo a moral and material heritage that distinguished us as arabs in general and algerians in particular from the rest of the various societies, and made many of them call for the necessity of benefiting from the experiences of arabs and algerians, such as the french general "dumas", who was amazed by the skills of our ancestors in dealing with horses, and was a true servant of his colonial ideology, which makes us certain. The study of horses in anthropology goes beyond mere fantasy or folklore, to being an important part of our algerian sociocultural heritage, Which led me to address the study in four important axes:

       - Horses in our religious anthropology.

       - Horses in Arab culture.

       - Western view of algerian equestrianism.

       - Horses in algerian folk heritage.

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