Protection systems of real cultural property in the Law related to the protection of cultural heritage

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Mohamed Arbaoui, Youcef Karkar, Hana Lebsir


The protection of cultural real property is one of the most important topics that have been widely circulated in the legal arena, as it represents the historical memory of peoples as unique aesthetic, artistic and architectural value. In addition, it contributes to the development of tourism, Algeria was encouraged to work firmly and recruit its material and human energies in order to protect this cultural heritage from all risks that may lead to its deterioration and annihilation evanescence, This was done by laying legal bases. So, this law resulted in promulgation of act no 98-04 related to the protection of cultural heritage, according to this law, a pack of legal mechanisms were framed for protecting  the real cultural property,  That  include the procedures of its inventory and its enrollment  within the protection systems, also the ways of how to practice the artistic works on it.

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