Physical Sports Activity: Between Practice Reality and the Impact of the Pandemic

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Chettouh Merouane


Physical education and sports professors face numerous challenges when conducting physical education and sports lessons. These challenges arise from both their immediate environment, such as the institution's administration, and their external environment, represented by society, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. These problems range from the dismissive attitude that physical education and sports often receive from a significant portion of society to the negative perception held by some high school administrators. Consequently, the importance and role of physical education and sports are often marginalized, both at the student and school community levels, and sometimes even within society. As a result, physical education and sports professors often find themselves frustrated in their ongoing struggle against these circumstances and the changes brought about by the pandemic. The impact on physical education and sports classes has been significant, and in this research paper, we aim to shed light on the factors hindering physical education and sports professors from achieving their educational goals.

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