Attracting talent in Algerian private institutions -Case of wilayas of Algiers and Blida

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Pr. Moulai Ali Zohra


The strength of the institution lies in the strength and effectiveness of the performance of its members, especially in light of the changes taking place in the environment and the intensity of competition, and the extent to which it copes and adapts to the changes and transformations that occur in the environment, and its ability to face the challenges and internal and external conditions of the institution. Therefore, it is necessary for institutions to find mechanisms and tools to approach the market of competencies to attract the executives that are in dire need of them in order to use the energy and creative resources that this category possesses in developing the productivity or organizational effectiveness of the institution so that it can respond to the size and speed of these changes that occur in society. Achieve its strategic objectives. Through this study, we aim to understand the recruitment process by exploring the behaviour of institutions towards the talent market, meaning how do institutions approach the talent market to obtain their required competencies and what are the means used to attract them?

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