The idea of the end of literature and its influence on Arab identity

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Brik Soumia, Fatiha Kahlouche


The call for the death of literature in Arab culture is one of the most important claims of modernity, which is promoted by a number of Western critics who seek to obliterate the heritage and replace it by western modernity with all its projects. However, this call, apart from being a literal transfer of what the west has said, and is not based on any identity rule that is justified in our culture, is only a hypothesis that is impossible to apply on the ground because literature in relation to human life is hard to die so easily. The idea of literature death has also come within the call for interaction and the melting of cultures, which means the melting of Arab culture (subjugated) in western culture (dominant). This is unacceptable because the culture of Arabs is different from that of other nations, and it has settled on a set of fixed values that are impossible to discard.

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