The foundations of educational and social reforme by Sheikh Al- Amin Soltani in Al-kantara

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Nassima Zekak


The general situation in Algeria Dring the years of 1920 untel the Association of Muslim Scholars in 1931, saw the emergence of a new trend in th national resistance represented in eductional advocacy, journalism and social reform.

The sons of the- east of Alegria didnt be late to keep up with this reforming Among them is Shikh Al- Amin Soltany,who plaed an important role in activating the reform and revival movement, In this article we focus on the cultural  resistance in the southeastern region of Algeria, especially the town of Kantara, and the role played by Sheikh Al- Amin Soltany as on of the regional flags,Oppose Charles and his most important pillar in the reform movement to defeat the goals of French colonialism and thwart his plans.

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