What do university students talk about in leisure time? Studentsí reflections on their personal and academic life

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Nadia Gilani, Syed Abdul Waheed, Ibtasam Thakur, Saira Zafar


Leisure time is significantly essential in students life. Most of the previous studies have focused on leisure time activities. The present study purports to examine the university students leisure time talking and its implications for practice in higher education. The case study approach was employed to gain a holistic description of Pakistani students leisure time talking in a public university of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Thirteen undergraduate and MPhil students from different academic disciplines of the university participated in the study. They reflected on their talking experiences through the mode of conversational interviews. The interview transcripts were analyzed and organized through Citavi 6. The researchers explored themes and sub-themes that include: need to talk to others, spots to spend leisure time, reflections on personal life, and reflections on academic life (sub-themes; university environment, examination system and student-teacher interaction). The study has implications for theory and practice for higher education and for understanding students leisure time talking in a university context.

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