The question of Arabic identity between cultural diversity and multilingualism -Maghreb popular proverbs as a model-

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Bouirane Ouarda


In our study, we seek to explain the role that Maghreb popular proverbs play in building the culture of Maghreb society and establishing their shared genetic genes; as well as its impacts in the establishment of social networking and community cohesion in the context of historical interdependence and geographical proximity, in addition to the sociocultural blending of Maghreb peoples, despite their different dialects and linguistic uses. In the light of Maghreb popular proverbs’ models, in social, cultural and intellectual contexts, our research paper aims to answer the following questions:

-What are the limits of cultural interaction and social attraction among the peoples of the Arab nation from the point of view of Arab popular proverbs? Why is bilinguals and identity a fertile substance in this communicative patrimony heritage?

- How did their image come in the light of the societal and identity diversity? What impact has this had on the culture and identity of Maghreb society?

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