A Study on the Conversational Voice Intensity in Alzheimer's Disease

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Metref Ouarda, Belkai Baya


Recent research has increasingly focused on the acoustic characteristics of voice in diagnosing and assessing degenerative disorders. Therefore, this study aims to identify the impact of Alzheimer's disease on the intensity of conversational voice. The research problem statement can be summarized as follows: Are there statistically significant differences in the intensity of conversational voice between individuals with Alzheimer's disease and the standard intensity? To answer this question, a sample of 41 individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, ranging in age from 53 to 90 years, was selected. The intensity of their conversational voice was analyzed using the computer program Praat, which objectively analyzes the acoustic characteristics of sound. The mean intensity of their conversational voice was then compared to the mean standard intensity mentioned in the literature using the t-test to study the differences. The results revealed an increase in the intensity of conversational voice in individuals with Alzheimer's disease compared to the standard intensity. This can be attributed to the behavioural and cognitive disturbances commonly observed in Alzheimer's disease.

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