The effectiveness of the educational picture in the Algerian textbook and its relationship with the protectors of educational clips and text -Arabic Language book for third year of primary educational as a model-

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Rouabhia Hadda


The educational image is of great importance in the teaching-learning process, as it is an auxiliary means to bring scientific facts closer together and consolidate them in the minds of the learners. Therefore, it was included in the Algerian textbook, especially in the primary education stage, to enhance the learner’s communicative competence and support his cognitive acquisitions and linguistic skills. It is also a factor in understanding the text accompanying it, and supporting it to facilitate the process of comprehension and understanding among learners.

This is what prompted us to research the effectiveness of this method and its relationship to the educational clips and texts in the Arabic language textbook for the third year of primary school. This study aims to establish precise scientific foundations for the design and selection of the educational images included in the textbook so that they are consistent and consistent with the titles of the educational clips and texts, in addition to highlighting their role. In facilitating the process of understanding and simplifying knowledge and  information.


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