Some human resource management strategies and their relationship with employees' quality of work life: A field study in Al-Shahid Ben Omar Al-Jilani Hospital in Al-Wadi

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Hamza Ramdani, Dr.Fouzia Chibani


This study aims to clarify human resource management strategies and highlight the concept of quality of working life through the interpretation and analysis of the nature and strength of the correlation between human resource management strategies and the quality of working life in Martyr Bin Omar Al-Jilani Hospital. Information, which included building the study tool for human resource management strategies, which contains (33) items، To identify the extent to which managers apply human resource management strategies, the study tool included a measure of the quality of work life developed by Walton and includes (42) items, which were developed to measure the quality of work life, and this tool was applied to a simple random sample of (50) workers. The researchers used many statistical methods based on the statistical package program (SPSS).

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