Unconstitutionality Review and Constitutional Justice in the Algerian Experience

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Soltani Leila Fatima Zohra Ghania


The control of the constitutionality of laws is one of the main guarantees of the supremacy of the constitution in countries with rigid constitutions. One manifestation of this control is the mechanism of unconstitutionality review, which serves as a guarantee for achieving constitutional legitimacy. It is a constitutional mechanism designed to protect the rights and freedoms enshrined in the constitution. It is a retrospective instrument for monitoring the constitutionality of laws and regulations.

This study aims to explore the concept of the unconstitutionality review mechanism and identify the conditions and regulations for its application, as well as the process of the Constitutional Court's involvement in the review of unconstitutionality in Algeria, particularly in light of the Algerian constitutional amendment of 2020 and Organic Law No. 22/19, which establishes the procedures and methods of notification and referral to the Constitutional Court

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