Designed, Built, And Evaluated The Performance Of A Prototype Of A Smart Indirect Solar Dryer For Fruits And Vegetables

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Benlatreche Mohamed Salah, Soraya Merzouki, Billel Smaani, Ouafa Boukhemis, Omari Tahar, Boulbair Ramadhan, Gherda Sidali


Tobacco growers in Algeria face crop losses due to mold and fungus susceptibility. Sun drying is a simple solution, but climate variability and environmental pollution can damage crops. To address this, experts recommend using solar dryers that don't require electricity. A team at AbdelHafid Boussouf Mila University Center designed and tested a smart indirect solar dryer (SISD). The dryer uses sensors to measure temperature and humidity, fans to stabilize the drying room, and insulation to control the drying process. The dryer's performance was evaluated using freshly harvested figs with moisture content up to 35%. The dryer can be manufactured in commercial sizes for rural communities to accelerate drying processes at variable cost.

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