Islamic banks and the application of financial technology (a statistical study)

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Benhammou Fayza, Meziane Imen


     The study aims to determine the reality of technology, especially in Islamic finance in various countries of the world, and its opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the Islamic finance industry, where the problem was: What is the reality of financial technology in Islamic banks? And identifying the obstacles facing its development and adoption in the world, where we relied in our study on a theoretical approach and another by collecting statistical data. The study reached a set of results, the most important of which is that financial technology can open new horizons and many innovations in Islamic finance products, on the other hand, this contributes to improving access to high-quality financial services, the study concluded recommendations, the most important of which is necessary Islamic finance institutions may enter into partnerships with world-leading companies specialized in the field of financial technology, and this would help these institutions to maintain their market share, by offering innovative financial products to their customers.

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