Human rights in the Madinah document and international conventions - a comparative study

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Professor Hafsi abbas


The document of the city included human rights as the first global declaration of human rights, guaranteeing the organization of relations between Muslims among themselves and Muslims with others. This relationship is reflected in the expression of rights and duties for each party, whether Muslims or Jews. The document of the city is a historical constitutional document that was established in the first year of migration, 622 CE, in the city of Madinah. It is the first political, social, and legal document established in Islam. The document includes 52 articles that regulate the relations between Muslims and Jews in the city of Madinah. It includes rights and duties for both parties. The document addressed the rights of Muslims and mentioned the freedom of belief and the practice of religious rituals, equality before the law, the right to self-defense, and the protection of family and property. The English translation for the provided Arabic sentences is:"The right to participate in political, economic, and social life, as for the duties of Muslims, they are represented by adherence to the provisions of Islamic law, defending the city of Medina against any aggression, paying Zakat, and participating in Jihad, justice, and mercy in dealing with others."

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