The Style of Anastrophe and its Impact on Quranic Inimitability

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Hammou Naima


Anastrophe is among the most important topics of Semantics and is a common denominator between grammar and rhetoric since Grammar is a study of syntactic structure, while rhetoric is the study of meaning. In Anastrophe we examine the meaning hiding behind reordering words. Many scholars and researchers have paid attention to this style, through their grammatical and rhetorical studies, so we decided to reveal its aesthetics and the rhetorical miracle in the Holy Qur’an, also, we explore the connotations and aesthetics that this shift contributes to the original rank of the grammatical elements within the structure. Anastrophe is therefore stylistic variable in The Arabic language, because it is a shift from the original rule, by shifting words from their original positions for a purpose required by the context. So what is the purpose or benefit of the phenomenon of anastrophes in the Holy Qur’an? How do you understand the phenomenon of Anasptrophes' inimitability of the Koran? This is what we will try to find out through this study.

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