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Vol. 58 No. 3 (2021): Volume 58 No. 3 (2021)

Published: 2021-02-20

The Aspect of Intelligence in Negotiation Processes

Svetlana D. Gurieva, Oksana V. Zashchirinskaia, Ekaterina O. Shumskaya, ElenaA. Karpova


Abilitation of a Child with Infantile Cerebral Paralysis by Means of Diagonal Gymnastics

Deryabina Galina Ivanovna, Lerner Victoria Leonidovna, Terentyeva Olga Sergeevna, Filatkin Alexey Sergeevich, Khlystov Pavel Andreevich, Makarova Lyudmila Nikolaevna


The Didactic Potential of Communication Technologies in Multilingual Education

Liudmila V. Mosienko, Gulnar Kh. Khazhgaliyeva, Galiya N. Kismetova


Kazakh Linguistic Picture of the World and Terms of Kinship

A.A.Muldagaliyeva, U.B.Adilbayeva, K.A.Zhirenshina, S.A.Urazgaliyeva, А. А. Januzakova


The Importance of Developing Moral Qualities in High School Students in Plurilingual Education

Nessipbayeva Zauregul, Makhmetova Dzhamilya, Lugovskaya Evgeniya , Gumarova Sholpan, Issabayeva Bayan


Target Context in the Joint Work of a Leader with a Teacher

AssanTuxanbayev, KlaraZh.Turebayeva, Gulshat R. Bakhtiyarova, AisauleK.Aipeissova


The Professional Competence of General Education Teachers in the Context of Digitalized Education

Vladimir A. Adolf, Denis V. Grak, Konstantin V. Adolf, Sergey S. Sitnichuk, Andrey I. Kondratyuk


Stem Education of Students at Children’s University

Damekova Saule Kairollovna , Nurmuhanbetova Nurgul Nurkenivna , Durmekbayeva Shynar Nurlybekovna, Khamitova Aina Sultanseitovna , Fakhrudenova Idiya Bolatovna , Shayakhmetova Aisulu Alkeshovna


Stock Returns Impact of Earning Per Share and Return on Equity Companies Listed on the LQ45 Index

Dede Hertina*, Irana Dewi, Ramadhan Putra Arkananto, Moch Zhafran Yassar, Ananda Ravi Wiherdianto


The Effect of Advertising and Price on Purchase Decision to Popular Milk Coffee Products in the Pandemic Era in Bandung

Wijaya, Ni Putu Nurwita Pratami*, Sudrajat, Ricky Kurniawan, Tika, Klara, Mulyana Rizal, Nusantara, Muhammad Wahid


The Effect of Auditor Competency and Independence on Chaffic Prevention (Fraud) in Public Accountant Offices, Bandung City

Dini Arwanty*, Silvi Septiana, Dina Kristiana, Veronika Indriani, Ira Nurjayanti


Effect of Work Environment and Compensation on Employee Performance in Work from Home Condition at PT. Taspen Bandung

Pipin Sukandi*, Muhammad Kemal Diyoputro, Abdurrahman, Resta Halimah, Fariz Rahman Septiaji


The Influence of Financial Ratios on Firm Value

Sakina Ichsani*, Dean Andrian, Dicky Pirmansyah, Haeroni, Zisko Zuarnel

346 - 355

The Influence of Internal Audit on the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (A Survey on Three BUMN in Bandung City)

Brian Sugiono*, Rivaldy Muhammad Kurniawan, Bima Prasetya Putra Jayusman, Ferdian, Syafdinal

356 - 367

Analysis of Student Social Interactions During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study of D3 Management Student of Widyatama University)

Pipin Sukandi*, Muhammad Eriv Kautsar, Mochamad Yazid Zidane, Tendi Permana, Syauqihusna Alfaruqi

377 - 381

The Influence of Organizational Culture and Leadership Behaviors on Affective Commitments in the Pandemic Covid-19 (Case Study PT. Bandung Independent School)

Vuji Dwi Putri Hidayat*, Yasmin Anggraeni Karlina, Rahmie Adie Nuranisa, Gibrel Olsen Allo Lembang, Rd. Herman Sofyandi

382 - 388

Effect of Good Corporate Governance on Financial Performance

Tri Hadyannur Dzaky, Muhamad Zulfikar Abdurohman, Jeremy Christian, Raafi Ar Rasyid Sukma, Supriyanto Ilyas

389 - 399

Theoretical Review of Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction on Performance

Aldi Moch Ramdani*, Rima Putri Trifani, Royani, Yeremia Refael Krisada Simbolon, Ratna Komala Putri

406 - 413

The Effect of Product Quality, Service Quality, Trust in Product Decision Making Process at Yomart Sarimanah

Yenny Maya Dora*, Iqbal Septiyan Nugraha, Krisna Septian Adytia, Achmad Zaini Dahlan, Febrianus Manasye

414 - 421

Effects of Asset Growth, Profitability, Leverage, and Accounts Receivable Growth on Earnings Management

R. Wedi Rusmawan Kusumah, Yuyun Kurniawati, Nenden Triastita Andriani

428 - 433

The Influence of Company Growth and Company Value on Stock Returns

R. Wedi Rusmawan Kusumah, Cecep Ramdhani, Desi Aryanti

434 - 439

Effectiveness of Working from Home and Online Based Training to Support Employee Performance During Covid 19 Pandemic

Frita Rizkyanti Maulida*, Rahman Ardiansyah, Taufik Hidayat, Jovani Deninta Fitri, Neuneung Ratna Hayati

447 - 454

Slang Words on Astroworld Album by Travis Scott: A Sociolinguistics Study

Puspita Sari*, Raden Alif Aulia Akbar Nagiantara, Muhammad Reyzi, Muhamad Luthfi Ghifary, David Christian Hutapea

455 - 462

Types of Illocutionary Acts in the Movie the Wolf of Wallstreet: Pragmatics Study

Ervina CM Simatupang*, Athoriq Fathurrohman, Aziz Adi Suryo, Rizky Fauzi Rachman, Hana Kireina Nurfitri

463 - 468

Literature Review of Work Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Job Loyalty

Aditya Syah Maulana*, Rindi Nurdiansyah, Andika Saputra Permana, Dwi Nur Puspa,

469 - 473

Development of Enterprise Architecture Using Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) Based on the Zachman’s Framework Approach

Cindy Octaviani*, Sugetta Fino Raedi, Muhammad Iqbal, Cucu Ridwan Gunawan, Hari Supriadi, S.T., M.Kom

474 - 485

The Influence of Workload and Competence on Employee Performance

M. Fakhri Fadlurrahman, Tasya Choiri Amelia, S.A. Pratminingsih

486 - 492

Consumer Response to Service Quality: Gender's Role on Customer Satisfaction (Case Study on Tasikmalaya Batik SME’s Consumers)

R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti*, Andi Sanjaya, Farhan Ali Zein, Rafiqa Adila, Yoke Septian

501 - 508

The Influence of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure on Corporate Value

Hana Pertiwi Acliany*, Umniyyah Karimah, Retno Wulandari, Nabella Islami, Ibnu Rachman

532 - 537

Relationship between Product Diversity and Consumer Purchase Decisions at Alfamart Bandung City Branch

Deva Berliano*, Endang Pratiwi, Fitri Janah, Nesa Novika, Ryan Kurniawan

538 - 543

Management Commitment, Accounting Information Systems and Quality of Accounting Information

Achmad Fadjar*, Deni Sukandi, Rizky Mentari, Febriana Sihombing, Rizkia Mutiara Hasbiya

564 - 572

Literature Study of Leadership Types in Indonesia

Rendi Rusandi*, M Rizal Nasrullah, Riki Sonjaya, Anggi Saputri , Ratna Komala Putri

573 - 578

Optimizing Vehicle Routing Problem with Nearest Neighbour Method and Saving Matrix on PT XYZ

Eva Qistiana Amanatillah*, Egi Riswanda, Galuh Halintar, Rifqi Firozan, Yani Iriani

586 - 594

The Effect of Teachers’ Productivity on Performance During the Covid 19 Pandemic (Case Study at Istiqamah Elementary School Bandung)

Pipin Sukandi*, Syafa Aulia Rizqi Ramadhan, Vinny Alviany, Wiedy Noer Juniarz, Alda Ainun Rizkia

608 - 614

Heuristic Evaluation of PAWOON Website Portal Information System

Yosy*, Sham Akbar Octafian, Krisna Ilafat Mustofa, Siti Maryam Alizza, Sri Lestari

641 - 648

Register Used by the Profession of the Indonesian Online Drivers on Their Daily Jobs

Lavedri Emigio Asmara*, Elga Pratama Putra, Carenia, Ferdiansyah Aditya Nugraha, Hero Gunawan


Using Data Mining with C45 Algorithm for Student Data Classification

Iwan Rijayana*, Muhammad Ikhsanul Fikri, Ilham Fachrur Razaq, Rikza Syahbana Achlafass, Rizki Noorreza Allshal


Monetary Performance Effect Towards the Stock Value of Automotive Subsector Company in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) 2017 – 2019 Period

Kurniawan*, Diah Suryani, Rima Kharismawati, Suteja Permana, Alan Jayaatmaja, H., S.E., M.M., Ak., C.A.


Promotion, Product Quality, and Price on Purchase Decisions on Duldimsum Outlet

Della Maldini, Febran Mohamad Perkasa, Muhammad Irfansyah, Pujianti, Keni Kaniawati*


Analysis of Difference Tax Compliance and Acceptance of Tourism Taxes in Bandung City Before and After Covid-19 Pandemic

Rijal Rismawan*, Maya Friska Br Tarigan, Maitri Br Sitepu, Citra Pamela Ambarsari, Dini Arwati


The Effect of Leadership Style and Work Motivation on Employee Performance at PT. Jiwasraya Bandung

Biagi San Gia Hilmansyah*, Annisa Dwi Febriaynti, Rizal Mustofa, M Noval Kaisar, Rima Rahmyanti


Analysis of Performance, Motivation and Training on the Performance of the Bhabinkamtibmas Police Members of the Cimahi Police

Titto Rohendra*, Imam Ferdian, Muhamad Farhan, Fachrizal Saputra, Dennis Arya Mahesa S.


The Panacea for Inner Bliss: “Job Satisfaction”

Dr. Ashish Joshi, Dr. Ashvin Dave, Dr. Tejas Dave


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