Children At Risk For Acting-Out Including Violence: A Longitudinal Study

Dr. Sylvia A. Whiting & Dr. James E. Mallory South Carolina State University A ten-year longitudinal quasi-experimental study was conducted on the assumption that children identify with slightly older individuals who promote ideals and actions they can emulate. A sample Continue reading ?

Attitudes Of Business Students Toward Online Education

Stephen J. Vodanovich & Chris Piotrowski Psychology Department University of West Florida Pensacola, FL 32514 The acceptability of online instruction by university students continues to be a central issue in the field of education. The current study found that a Continue reading ?

A Skeptics Guide To Mainliner Congeniality

John K. Meyer, Ph.D. The purpose of this abstract will be concisely to conceptualize universal components of religious phenomena and hypothesize undocumented potentiality or potentialities (substitute reinforcement, memory bank quantity) demonstrable of significantly experienced phenomena in advanced scientific concept formation, Continue reading ?

Gender Differences In Irrational Beliefs, Self-Efficacy And Self-Confidence Of Some Nigerian Adolescents

Nnenna A. Ndika, Funmi Olagbaiye, & Ibi Agiobu-Kemmer Department of Psychology University of Lagos This study sought to quantify gender differences in irrational beliefs, self-efficacy and self-confidence of some adolescents in Lagos, Nigeria. The study also examined the relationship between Continue reading ?

Play Therapy And The Traumatized Self

Mark E. Young Freedom Counseling Associates, Inc. Unresolved trauma severely disrupts the cohesiveness and continuity of the victims sense of self. Nonintegrated trauma may exist in preverbal form, where the trauma was experienced before language development or nonverbal where it Continue reading ?

A Qualitative Assessment Of An Alternative Medicine Program

Michael W. Firmin Department of Psychology Cedarville University Kendra B. Battaglia Wheaton Graduate School of Psychology Jessie L. Gustafson Nova Southeastern University CAM, defined as complementary and alternative medical treatments, has a growing demand. In the United States, its use Continue reading ?