Child Maltreatment: Practitioner and University Training Considerations for School Psychologists

Joe N. Crank, Ph.D. and Rebecca Nathanson, Ph.D. Department of Educational Psychology University of Nevada, Las Vegas Child maltreatment is documented for nearly 900,000 children each year while threefold more cases are reported but unsubstantiated. Maltreatment and its psychological and … Continue reading ?

An Examination of One School’s Policy in Regards to Title I Placement: The Result of High-Stakes Testing?

Kathleen Donalson, Michael F. Shaughnessy, & Dan Greathouse Eastern New Mexico University Portales, New Mexico Our schools and our educational systems are currently facing critical challenges. The process and procedures by which students receive special reading services under Title I … Continue reading ?

Poor sleep quality mediates between affective symptoms and fatigue in a university student sample

Erica M. Valpiani, Rhonda F. Brown, Einar B. Thorsteinsson, Don Hine University of New England, Australia Objective: Anxiety, depression and fatigue are frequently co-morbid disorders that are often related to poor sleep quality, but the nature of these associations is … Continue reading ?

A Critical, Theoretical Overview of Methodologies and Statistical Analytic Techniques in Educational Research

Dr. P.A. Nwamuo Fcasson, Reader & Chris Agugoesi Principal Lecturer Department of Educational Psychology/Guidance and Counseling Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education (A.I.F.C.E) Owerri, Nigeria There has been an interminable and often inadvertent incidence of gross abuse and misapplication of … Continue reading ?

Nonpathological Compulsiveness and Interest in Night-Sky Watching

William E. Kelly & Stephen T. Paul Robert Morris University This study explored the relationship between nonpathological compulsiveness and interest in night-sky watching among 139 college students. Participants completed the Compulsiveness Inventory (CI; Kagan & Squires, 1985) and Noctcaelador Inventory … Continue reading ?

Psychological Impact of Gender Segregation

Dr. Juliet Dinkha Sarah Mobasher Nour El-Shamsy The American University of Kuwait (AUK) This study explores the rationale behind educational gender segregation and its psychological outcomes. An online survey conducted by the Student Government Association (SGA) aimed at understanding if … Continue reading ?

Bulimic Behavior in College Women: A Comprehensive Update of the Literature

Lori Anderson Hoffeditz, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Graduate Counseling Department Wright State University & Liberty University Michael W. Firmin, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Department of Psychology Cedarville University The present review of the literature on eating disorders specifically addresses the dynamics … Continue reading ?