The Role of Future Goals, Instrumentality and Self-Regulation in Life Career Development by Stephanie J. Brickman & Cynthia L. Wimberly

This article explores the role that future goals and perceptions of instrumentality play in the development of knowledge about self, education and occupations through examining what motivates students to self-regulate their learning at school. Data was collected from a rural Continue reading ?

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Web-Based Training as a Promising Step by Anna R. Mueller, Mandy Rder, Sascha Hein, Michael Fingerle, & Erwin Maisch

The prevention of child sexual abuse is a major topic for educational and psychological research. This article highlights the importance of breaking new ground in the prevention of child sexual abuse. It argues that the Internet should be included in Continue reading ?

An Examination of Notcaelador and Creativity by William E. Kelly & Kathryn E. Kelly

In this study, the relationship between noctcaelador (interest in night sky watching) and creativity was examined. College students (N = 240) completed the Noctcaelador Inventory (Kelly, 2004) and the Scale of Creative Attributes and Behavior (Kelly, 2004). Noctcaelador was positively Continue reading ?

Different Groups Perceptions as to the Rehabilitation Of Sex Offenders by John F. Geiger & Robert M. Litwiller

Sex offender registry laws assume that sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated and will offend again. However, research indicates a 90% success rate for rehabilitation of sex offenders, but it is still unknown whether the public knows this fact, or how Continue reading ?

Mental Illness Stigma in Abnormal Psychology Textbooks by Otto Wahl, Amanda Jones, & Michael Reiss

The topic of mental illness stigma was examined in nine top-selling abnormal psychology textbooks. Stigma-related issues were discussed in eight of the nine, but stigma was used as an index term in only three. Textbook discussions tend to focus on Continue reading ?

Use of a Plastinated Human Brain for Psychology Education by Stacy M. Lopresti-Goodman & Amanda Caperton

We evaluated the effectiveness of, and attitudes towards, using a plastinated human brain to teach brain anatomy to undergraduate psychology students. Students who interacted with the plastinated brain rated their lesson as more enjoyable, the supplement more helpful, and were Continue reading ?

Book Review: The Kennedy Half Century: The Presidential Assassination and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy by L. Sabato (2013)

Sabato, L. (2013). The Kennedy Half Century: The Presidential Assassination and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy (New York: Bloomsbury) 644 pages. Reviewed by Prof. Joel C. Snell, Kirkwood College On November 22, 1963, I was sitting in a lunch room Continue reading ?