An Assessment of Week of Welcome at a Midwestern University by Kirstie L. Bash & Kenneth L. Carter

Before arriving on campus, college freshmen may be influenced by media and peers depicting college as the party scene (Tobolowsky & Lowery, 2006; Sallee & Tierney, 2007), which leads to expectations of high socialization and low academics outside of class. … Continue reading ?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and The Musical Les Miserables by Joseph Cangemi

After a viewing of the musical Les Miserables, one is brought closer to understanding how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can pervade another’s life. This psychological disorder is especially witnessed in the character Marius, who, with his close comrades, tried … Continue reading ?

Exam Grades and Social Comparison by Margaret L. Hindman, Mary M. Livingston & Alice P. Carter

Web courseware, such as Moodle, allows the instructor the choice of whether or not to display a student’s ranking on the exam compared to other students. Faculty may question the consequences of this choice. Marsh and Hau (2003) found classmates’ … Continue reading ?

Mapping the Research Domain of I/O Psychology: A Content Analysis of Dissertations by CHris Piotrowski

Prior research has clearly shown that content analysis methods can shed light on the intellectual domain of a discipline. Based on a bibliometric analysis of dissertations, the current study reports on topical research trends in the field of I/O psychology. … Continue reading ?

The Nutritional Moral of the Story: An Examination of Storybooks used to Promote Healthy Food-Choice Behavior by Ben Seipel, Sarah E. Carlson, Stephanie Bianco-Simeral, Martin Friggard, Cindy Wolff, & Keiko Goto

In this interdisciplinary study, storybooks, selected for their positive health-food messages, were analyzed for their appropriateness and potential effectiveness in changing student food behaviors. The storybooks selected are a part of the State of California’s Harvest of the Month® program … Continue reading ?

When Perception Outweighs Reality: The Role of Parental Factors on the Educational Aspirations of Rural High School Students by Kristen K. Williams

In response to the limited literature on the causes of lower educational aspirations of rural students, this study examined the parental factors related to educational aspirations of rural youth. Although previous studies examined the relationship between certain parental factors and … Continue reading ?

The Message or the Source of the Message: Which Should Take Precedence? by Elliott Schuman

Perhaps the most pressing problem we face is the correct course of action to take. The decision generally encompasses whether to obey an external authority, or to accord with what we personally regard, however uncertain we may be, as “the … Continue reading ?

Transsexuals: A Research Note by Joel C. Snell

McFalls, Jr., Gallagher III, Halluska, and Prince (2006) assessed the opinions of a purposive sample of 94 psychiatrists from 15 major population centers in the United States. Aside from demographics, the authors asked each therapist’s opinion of transsexuals. Basically, they … Continue reading ?