Imaginative Capability in Relation to Five-Factor Personality Traits and Creative Personality by Yuhsuan Chang & Chaoyun Liang

This study investigated the psychometric properties of the Imaginative Capability Scale (ICS) by using a large student sample (N = 943) in Taiwan. We investigated the structural dimensions of the ICS by using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and confirmed two … Continue reading ?

Academic Applications of Social Media: A Review of Peer-Review Research in Higher Education by Chris Piotrowski

There has been wide academic and research interest in the application of Social Media (SM) modalities, as instructional tools, in contemporary educational settings (Piotrowski, 2012). But the question remains: What are the views of college/university students regarding instructional use of … Continue reading ?

Active Learning in Undergraduate Sport Psychology: Psychological Skills Training by Rennae Williams Stowe & Horane Holgate

This article presents an example of an assignment for an undergraduate sport psychology class. To get students engaged and able to apply the content they learned, they developed a Psychological Skills Training program. Students learned content knowledge in the areas … Continue reading ?

Destructive Feelings – Including Death Wishes and Their Potentially Advantageous Outcomes by Elliott Schuman

Clients and group members inevitably experience destructive feelings (that may include death wishes) toward their therapists and group leaders. The author’s group- leader evoked in him such feelings that remained unresolved after the leader died and the group dissolved. The … Continue reading ?

Supporting Children’s Development Through Educational Work: A Bioecological Perspective by Michele Capurso

Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological theory sees the child as an active subject linked with a dynamic environment, and outlines three core elements of this inter-relationship: roles, relationships and molar activities. With reference to this, the developmental pattern of these elements within an … Continue reading ?

A Dyslexic’s Journey by Tammy Curran

One in five individuals struggles with reading (Learning Ally, 2015). I am one of those five. Ultimately, dyslexia is something everyone needs to know about. Dyslexia is a challenge for everyone involved in a dyslexic diagnosis: the student, the teachers, … Continue reading ?

Book Review: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Declined by S. Pinker (2011). Reviewed by Joel Snell.

Blank Slate is a criticism of the social sciences. After reading it, I was more sober about humans and less trusting of people who describe them. Pinker indicated they were utopians and nearly tore and tossed all premises to the … Continue reading ?