An Efficient Mobile Sink based Data Collection Model for Clustered based Wireless Sensor Network

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Naveen Ghorpade, Dr. P. Vijaykarthik


The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is considered to be a core component of tomorrow's real-time data communication networks, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Modern networks need low-latency and high-throughputs in real-time due to a heterogeneous network. The availability of low-latency real-time data access incurs energy costs from the sensor systems. Clustering helped in maintaining the scalability and energy usage of sensors. However, it incurs overhead of the independent cluster head and sensor device within the close range of the sump pump. Since it would take longer transmission and recovery time. This Mine Research Paper introduces an Accessible Mobile Sensor Dependent Data Collection (EMSDC) Model for Cluster Based WSN (CWSN). Experiments are carried out to verify the efficiency of EMSDC and to equate it with the existing versions. The findings of the Latency and Overhead benchmarks demonstrated a lot of progress over the state-of-the-art versions.

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