Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Norming of the High School Student’s Entrepreneurial Orientation Scale

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Jimmy Ellya Kurniawan, Ersa Lanang Sanjaya, Stefani Virlia


Several studies have shown that entrepreneurial orientation in high school students can predict career choices as businessmen in the future. However, not many studies have developed a measurement instrument for entrepreneurial orientation in high school students in one solid variable construct. This study aims to conduct confirmatory factor analysis and norming on a scale that was previously explored. A survey of 646 high school students was conducted in six large cities throughout the provinces on Java Island, Indonesia. The results of this research confirmed that the construct of entrepreneurial orientation in high school students has three dimensions: innovativeness, risky proactiveness and competitiveness. The study also produced a norm index for junior and senior high school students. This scale will be useful in mapping the level of student’s entrepreneurial orientation and assist high school management bodies to prepare programs that are more suitable to developing entrepreneurial behavior in students.

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