The Contribution of Lev Vladimirovich Shcherba to the methodology of teaching foreign languages.

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Yuldasheva Dilshoda Musaevna


The coronavirus pandemic has spread globally, upending the personal and professional lives of millions of people, including students, educators, and education researchers. At all levels of education, instructors, institution leaders, and policy makers are facing an unprecedented challenge, trying to ensure that high quality and equitable teaching and learning continues under rapidly changing and unpredictable conditions. During this time, distance-learning solutions were implemented to ensure education continuity, and much of the current debate focuses on how much students have learnt during school closures. However, while this potential learning loss may only be temporary, other elements that happen in the absence of traditional schooling, such as the curbing of educational aspirations or the disengagement from the school system, will have a long-term impact on students’ outcomes, thus distance- teaching has also faced rapid changes. For educators to turn traditional classes into video classes was also unexpected. But still  the methodology that was used in offline classes also was the good aid in online classes but a little bit limited. For example excluding teachers physical presence, kinesthetic learning and etc.    

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