Analyzing Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) Performance of Public Sector Banks in Chennai City

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Dr. M. Vidya, Dr. R. Shanthi


The present empirical study was aimed to explore the perception of public sector bank customers with respect to e-CRM practices followed in the Indian Banking context. This study adopted survey method and collected primary data from public sector bank customers residing in Chennai city alone. The statistical tools such as frequency distribution, one-way analysis of variance, correlation and multiple regression analyses have been applied to draw the feasible solutions to the research problem. The result of the study proves that e-CRM is very important key factor for improvement of performance in public sector banks with positive impact. It is suggested in the study to adopt innovative, imperative, effective and enriched e-CRM practices will help the public sector banks to increase their customer base and this in-turn increases the performance of the banks in the study area.

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