The Role of Ulil Amri and Religious Authorities in Determining Public Policies Related to the Syariah Rulings in Malaysia: A Study on the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Lukman Abd. Mutalib et al.


Every action related to the people must be evaluated, scrutinized, and approved by Ulil Amri before it is allowed to be implemented by the Islamic religious authorities at their respective state. This study was conducted with the aim of identifying Ulil Amri who is responsible for handling and managing COVID-19 pandemic issues. In addition, this study was also conducted to identify the role and job scope of each Ulil Amri involved in formulating the public policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This qualitative study has collected relevant data through primary and secondary documents and further analysed them using the content analysis method. The results of this study found HM DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Rulers, State Council of Islamic Religion, State Mufti Department, and State Islamic Religious Council. They are the Ulil Amri who is responsible for handling and managing COVID-19 pandemic issues related to Islamic religious affairs in Malaysia. Each Ulil Amri involved has their own role and jurisdiction. They will work together in formulating any public policy related to Islamic religious affairs. This shows that every public policy produced involves various parties from various fields who work together to safeguard the maslahat and prevent mafsadah from happening to the people.

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