Review Paper On Competencies Essential For Project Manager

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Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni


Competency is a term widely used in the IT industry. Competency is defined as “ an underlying characteristic of a person which results in effective and /or superior performance  in a job” (Boyatzis R. , 1982)In order to be successful in a business market, project-based organizations should be successful in theirprojects.(Ghasem Omidvar F. J., 2011). One of the factors that influence project success is the employment of competent project managers. (Ghasem Omidvar, 2011).Crawford (2000) also reiterates the point that a competent project manager is a factor that affects project success. The objective of this paper is to identify competencies essential for Project Manager which lead to the successful project. The competencies are majorly divided into technical competencies and behavioural competencies .This paper attempts to review the literature available and propose the competencies important for a Project Manager.

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