Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg-Si Hybrid Composites Reinforced with SiC/TiO2

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Dr. Israa A. Al. Kadir Hanan K. Azeez


The aims of thiswork is to investigate the effect of adding different weight percents of TiO2 and SiC 1.5:0,3:0, 4.5:0, 0:1.5, 0:3, 0:4.5, 1.5:1.5, 3:3, 4.5:4.5 particulate reinforcement on the mechanical properties andmicrostructure properties of base alloy Al-Mg-Si.By stir casting process, base alloy and hybrid composites were developed.  By using stiffness and tensile measures, the mechanistic properties of the basic alloy and hybrid composites were calculated.The topography of fracture surfaces was inspected using the scanning electron microscope (ESM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy ( EDS).The findings shows, with a weight rise of 4.5% by the TIO2 / SIC up to 4.5%, Improved absolute tensile power, strength of output and hardness. In contrast, the elongationrate is decreased, The optical microscope inspection shows that the particles in the matrix without any valves are distributed evenly. The X-Ray diffraction manifested the presence of different phases and intermetallic compounds Mg5Si6, Mg2Si, Al2O3, Mg6Si3.3., Al3Mg2 and Al3Ti.

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