Islamic Religious Education Based on Life Skills Metro City Public High School

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Abdul Mujib et al.


Education does not only teach or transform knowledge and skills as well as a sense of culture or religion, education should be able to equip students to be able to solve the problems they face, both now and in the future. The challenge of education in general is not a stand-alone problem, but is related to the development of science and technology and other aspects of life, be it economic, political or socio-cultural. The purpose of the school is to help and direct students in applying Islamic guidance, be able to read the Alquran, love the country, have the ability to have academic skills, proficiency in the computer field. The research approach used is a qualitative research approach, which describes the value of changes that cannot be expressed in numbers. Meanwhile, the key informants were the Principal and Deputy Head of Scholl section of the Curriculum. The researcher focuses on the Development of Life Skill Education based on Islamic Religious Education, which contains components such as; Lifelong learning or continuous learning skills, complex thinking or reading, writing, calculating skills, being able to communicate effectively, being able to collaborate or collaborating and having the ability to work and develop character / ethics or morals (spiritual, sense and emotional), then the researcher translates this into research indicators

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