A Literature Study Of Consumer Perception Towards Digital Payment Mode In India

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Dr. Ranjith P.V., Dr. Swati Kulkarni, Dr. Aparna J Varma


 Digital transactions are taking over most of the transactions in the world and India is no exception. Various studies have proved that efficient payment system will speed up the liquidity flow of an economy. In the era of digitisation, transactions using technology is the best way of being agile and giving better service to consumers. 

The study is about understanding consumers’ perceptions with respect to online and digital payments and safety of these transactions in this world of connected technologies. It is important for marketers to know the perception of consumers towards cashless methods of transactions and this study helps in this. The study is qualitative in nature and uses literature reviews to analyse the concept of digital transactions. The reviews delve insights into the various challenges and advantages of using digital transactions. The findings reveal that digital transactions are accepted in India and usage is increasing year by year. The study finds the advantages and challenges which is faced by consumers while adopting digital payment.

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