The intention to use QR code payment in an emerging market – the role of “Attitude” as mediator

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Thi Khue Thu Ngo, Thu Hang Nguyen


As one of the applications of mobile banking, payment by scanning a QR code not only reduces the risks when paying via cards but also brings about more convenience than cash payment and more safety than other forms of payment, especially in the context of the current strong and complicated Covid-19 epidemic. However, the adoption of this payment technology seems to be left open in emerging markets, especially Vietnam. Within this context, this study conducted a survey on 441 customers about their intention to use QR code payment when shopping in Vietnam market. Research results show that personal innovation, perceived security and usefulness, perceived ease of use and facilitating conditions affect the attitudes towards intention to use the QR code payment service. In particular, perceived ease of use, perceived security and usefulness are the two factors that most strongly influence the intention to accept the use of QR code payment service though attitude mediator. The results of this research can assist managers with considerations in constructing development plan for new technological products and services in such an emerging market as Vietnam

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