Instagram Influencer Selection Analysis on the SME’s Brand Campaign in Indonesia using Correlation Analysis (Case Study: IAM.ID)

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Icha Isana Febriana, Isti Raafaldini Mirzanti


The number of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia reached 64,194,057 units in 2018 and made a good impact on Indonesia’s economy. However, it turns out that SMEs face various problems, such as business strategy, marketing, and branding. Only 12% of SMEs currently use digital as one of their platforms and most of these businesses are still in stagnant condition. Currently, SMEs are starting to use influencers as their marketing strategy on Instagram. However, it is difficult to find a suitable influencer for their product or service due to so many influencers with various categories. The market potential in this field is quite high considering that Indonesia has the largest number of social media users in the world, especially Facebook and Instagram. Globally 5-10 billion USD marketing is done through influencer marketing in 2020, 65% of companies plan to use more influencer marketing and 92% of customers trust personal recommendations more than conventional advertising. An analysis was conducted of the selection of Instagram influencers on the brand campaign in Indonesia through a case study from IAM.ID. This company provides solutions in the fields of influencer marketing and technology with influencers data analytics. IAM.ID services include content creations, endorsement, store visits, and influencer’s community. In this research, the hypothesis is based on the level of engagement and influencer category. Influencers are considered more effective if they match the advertised brand. Influencer data analytics are obtained from engagement rate (ER) influencers, the number of followers, influencer categories, and content analysis. Brand analysis is obtained from brand preferences obtained through questionnaires. Then a correlation analysis was carried out on the ER campaign and the result was that both the number of followers and ER influencers had a strong relationship to the ER campaign. Besides, the suitability of the influencer category can also be checked using content analysis.

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