The development of online marketing channel for safe vegetable in Thailand

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Kanokpatch Koprasert, Nittaya Ngamyingyong, Jemine Settheerathan


This research aims were to; 1) to develop an online marketing channel for safe vegetable in Thailand. The research model was mixed methods. The theory of Extended Model of Internet Commerce Adoption (eMICA) was used as a research framework. The research area was Nakhon Pathom Province. The sample group was divided into 3 groups as follows; 1) 30 smart farmers who grow safe vegetables; 2) People who are involved in the safe vegetable business, including entrepreneurs and academics, were 10 people by using a specific randomization and 3) 400 people of online consumers by using simple randomization. The tools used were semi-structured interviews and questionnaires. Then analyze the results for the development of online marketing channels. The research found that farmers had online marketing channels sorted by their sales as follows; Facebook 16 users, Instagram 5 users, online orders 7 users and Shopee 2 users. The results of the trial are sold through online marketing channels, when comparing the highest efficiency was Facebook channel where customers can reach at 78.23% and generate the most income at 68.15 percent. Research findings on shipping, packaging, and consumer behavior are emerging in the process of developing online marketing channels


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