Model of Learning Management Applying the Five Precepts for Thai Students

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Phrasuwanmahaphuthaphibal (Ho Subhaddo) et al.


The purposes of this research were 1) to study the state of learning management in the context of Thai schools, and 2) to develop and propose a model of learning management applying the five precepts for Thai Students. Mixed methods research was used for the design. Qualitative data were collected by in-depth interview from 17 key informants, and to confirm results using focus group discussion. Quantitative data were collected by using questionnaires from 390 samples. Content analysis was used for the qualitative data whereas quantitative data was analyzed by descriptive statistics consisted of percentage statistics, frequency, mean, standard deviation. Results indicated that the state of learning management in the context of Thai schools consisted of 1) Learning Management in 4 areas: (1) Basic preparation, (2) Planning and preparation of learning management, (3) using psychology of learning, (4) evaluation and reports. 2) Five Precepts of learning management of the 5 Precepts for Thai students consisting of the 1st Precepts is no slaughtering of animals; the 2nd Precepts is no theft; the 3rd Precepts is prohibited behavior; the 4th Precepts is prohibiting to be posted; the 5th Precepts is prohibition drink alcohol. 3) Schools need to organize learning management applying 5 precepts. There should be participation among administrators, teachers, school board members, monks, parents, students and communities. Therefore, LFS Model was developed composed of 3 important points which were (1) Learning Management, (2) Five Precepts, and (3) School.

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